Brookstone | Basic Edition Price Guide For Canadian Coins - 9th Edition

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This 322 page guide contains nearly 11,200 listings representing about 13,000 different coins and sets, using over 57,000 price points. 1,700 new listings have been added since the previous edition. Other highlights of this price guide are: Listings and pricing for over 9,000 business denomination coins minted since 1858 Listings and pricing for hundreds of varieties not listed in any other guides, including replica coins, counterfeit coins and counter-stamped coins Listings and pricing for over 3,200 collector coins and sets including bullion coins and gold collector coins Listings and pricing for over 700 provincial coins and sets dating from 1823 to 1947 Nearly 11,200 listings representing more than 13,000 different coins and sets using over 66,000 price points Basics on coin collecting and grading, including obverse images M K Blais. ISBN:. Pub Date: 11/22/2017. Edition: 9th. Binding: Softcover. Size: 8.25x5.5. Pages: 322. Case: 1 .

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