Academy - WW-II Vehicle Set 1:72

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This 1/72 scale MRC/Academy plastic model kit includes three authentic models of WWII vehicles including an American light utility vehicle (Jeep), a German Kubelwagen, and a Kettenkrad. This is Academy's ground vehicle Series 1. Aside from the three vehicles, the kit includes a multitude of accessories i.e. fuel cans, jerrycans, and ammo boxes all of which add realism to the set and any diorama. The Kubelwagon is a 4-passenger "Jeep-like" vehicle. The Kettenkrad (light motorcycle tractor) was used to lay communication cables, pull heavy loads, carry soldiers through deep mud, and were used as runway tugs for aircraft. This is a wonderfully detailed kit to enhance any 1/72 scale WWII diorama.
  • Accurately reproduced light vehicles of the Allied and Axis during WWII
  • More than 20 Accessories, including fuel cans, jerrycans, and ammo boxes
  • Three distinct WWII vehicles
  • Valid for any 1/72 scale WWII diorama
  • Decal set and painting instructions

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