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Academy - Solar Powered Turtle Boat

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Academy's Solar Powered Turtle Ship is one of the Educational Series kits and is truly amazing. Powered by a Solar cell and a small electric motor, this ten-oar ship will actually row itself across a small pond or outdoor swimming pool. Simply snap it together with no glue, no tools, no batteries and no painting required. Academy's technical engineers captured the wonders of this mechanical masterpiece, making the model a joy to build, display or operate. The Turtle Ship was the world's first assault ironclad "battleship", invented and built by Admiral Yi Soon-Shin in 1592. This turtle-shaped warship played a major part in the Sa-Cheon Naval battle during the Im Jin War (1592-1598), and successfully led the country to victory. The Turtle Ship featured iron plating, guns on all sides, and spikes to prevent enemies from boarding. With this kit, you can see the process of solar energy at work, converting sunlight into electric power and again into kinetic energy to row the ship on the water. It comes complete with a highly efficient solar cell, that can be angled towards the sun and a powerful electric motor. A display stand is included too; put the ship on the stand, bring it out in the sunlight and watch the smoothness of the electric mechanism row the 10 oars. The snap-together ease and educational value make this an impressive display model, science project, or "show-and-tell" project for students.

  • Solar Powered, amazing action in the water
  • Highly efficient, positionable Solar Cell and electric motor included
  • Easy assembly - Snap Together; no tools, no glue, no batteries, no painting required
  • Beautifully designed, historically accurate ship
  • See solar energy at work