Academy - F-15E Strike Eagle 1:48

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This is a 1/48 scale Academy plastic model kit. The McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) F-15E Strike Eagle is an American all-weather, two-seat all-weather long-range strike and ground-attack aircraft for the U.S. Air Force. It was designed in the 1980s for long-range, high speed interdiction without relying on escort or electronic warfare aircraft. The Strike Eagle, an air superiority fighter, was deployed in Operation Desert Storm and Operation Allied Force, carrying out deep strikes against high-value targets, combat air patrols and providing close air support for coalition troops. This big kit includes a highly detailed cockpit and landing gear assemblies, a full underwing weapons complement, detailed exhaust cones, raised and lowered air intakes and more. Highly detailed decal sheets and paint instructions are included to complete the model flown by Col. Tom Lewis.

  • Fully engraved panel lines and rivet details
  • Highly detailed cockpit, landing gear and exhaust cones
  • Choice of Raised or lowered air intakes
  • Full complement of under-wing weaponry
  • Highly detailed decals and paint instructions

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