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Zvezda - US M4A2 Sherman Tank (Snap Kit) 1:100

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The M4 Sherman was the most widely produced American tank of WWII, and it equipped several Allied armies. The diesel-engine M4A2 was never used in combat by the U.S. Army, but it was fielded by the USMC, the UK, France, Poland and the Soviet Union. A great many M4A2 Shermans were supplied as Lend Lease vehicles to the USSR during its time of desperate need as it fought for survival. In fact, with approximately 4250 M4A2 tanks sent to Russia, it was supplied in larger numbers than any other British or American tank. Around half of this figure had 75mm guns, while the remainder had 76mm guns.  Pieces are suitable for use with the Zvezda Art of Tactic expandable board game.