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Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary U.S. Forever Stamps

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Hot Wheels US Forever Stamps

Anyone who has owned one of these knows just how crazy good these cars are.
Hot Wheels!
The U.S. Postal Service will feature some of Hot Wheels wicked looking cars with a total of 20 stamps arranged in diagonal rows as Forever stamps.
Each stamp will feature a Hot Wheels car speeding on a bright orange race track that will surely bring many of your childhood memories both young and old.
Each Hot Wheels car has the name of the vehicle shown on the top corners and the words “USA” and “Forever” on the bottom corners.
As shown, beginning from the left top row
  • Purple Passion - released in 1990 in a retro metallic purple with green stripes model was based on a custom 1949 Mercury designed by Larry Wood.     
  • Rocket-Bye-Baby – released in 1971 in blue has a huge jet engine mounted on the roof was known to have the most aggressive styling in Hot Wheels history. Bob Lovejoy was designer.
  • Rigor Motor – released in 1994 resembles a coffin in deathly-red by designer, Bruce Baur.
  • Rodger Dodger – released in 1974 typifies the muscle car of that era as its huge motor juts out from the hood. Larry Wood was designer.
  • Mach Speeder – just released this year (2018) was designed by Dmitriy Shakhmatov as the car of the future resembling a predator fish with a twin-turbo V6 hybrid engine driving the rear wheels and electric motors powering the front wheels.
From Left bottom row
  • Twin Mill – released in 1969 is known as the most popular Hot Wheels car known that Hot Wheels made a life-size, working replica. The car was designed by Ira Gilford to have twin engine motors mounted behind each front wheel. Each engine is an 8.2 L supercharged Chevrolet 502 big block producing a massive 1,401 horsepower!
  • Bone Shaker – released in 2006 has one of the most rapacious designs by Larry Wood showing a mean-looking skull on the front grille with a huge short-block engine to shake every bone in your body.
  • HW40 – released in 2008 to celebrate Hot Wheels 40th anniversary. The car was designed by Jun Imai with a curvaceous style, glass hood and powered by a jet turbine engine meant to invigorate the imagination.
  • Deora – released in 1968 as a surfboard hauling pickup was based on the 1964 Dodge Deora designed by Harry Bradley.
  • Sharkruiser – released in 1987 is the man-eater on wheels shaped as a shark with fins and tail. It’s powered by a V8 engine meant to makes its presence known.
A ceremony dedicating the Hot Wheels 50th anniversary Forever stamps is yet to be announced by the U.S. Postal Service. 
Bring on the speedster in you with these Hot Wheels U.S Forever Stamps as soon as you see these at your local post office!  
About Hot Wheels 
Hot Wheels has been making die-cast toy cars since 1968 by American toymaker Mattel. The car’s designs are uniquely fascinating making it one of the most popular toys in recent times. Its main competitor was Matchbox up until 1997 when Mattel bought Tyco toys, then-owner of Matchbox toys. 
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