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Two Cent Andrew "Black Jack" Jackson

Posted by Andy L. on

Two Cent Andrew "Black Jack" Jackson
On July 1, 1863, postal rates for United States domestic mail became standardized across all cities and states - all for 2 cents. To celebrate this milestone, Andrew Jackson's portrait was chosen.
Coincidentally, if you look back in history on July 1, 1863, it also happened to be the very day when the Battle of Gettysburg took place. But, for one moment ask yourself this question, Why was Andrew Jackson, a Southerner chosen to be on the 2-cent stamp in the midst of a Civil War? Is it his popularity during the Civil War? Or is it perhaps his strong advocate for the union of states?
The Postal Office printed some 256,566,000 stamps of the 2-cent Jackson to become the 3rd president to be featured in a postage stamp.


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