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One Cent Ben

Posted by Andy L. on

One Cent Ben
In 1861, the United States Postal Service printed the 1 cent  Ben Franklin stamp that would pay for nearly all the letters that were mailed. The 1 cent Ben would pay for a 2 oz letter, circular, and even books that weighed less than 4 pounds! If you think that's outrageous, it's true!
Fast forward to today... it will cost you 55 cents to mail your letter and another 15 cents for each additional ounce. So, if you're writing a 9-10 page letter plus a standard-sized envelope, prepare to fork over your hard-earned pennies.
Just imagine for a second if your great, great grandfather saved up all these 1 cent Ben Franklin stamps... those stamps are now worth a lot more. Ah yes, times have changed indeed.


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