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Australia's Great Barrier Reef

Posted by Andy L. on

Great Barrier Reefs Stamps

The Australia Post wants you to go on a Reef Safari with these newly released stamps of sea life found in the Australian waters of the Great Barrier Reef. The five stamps feature the Grey Reef Shark, Green Sea Turtle, Nautilus, Olive Sea Snake and Emperor Angelfish – all 5 sea creatures are vulnerable to climate change or global warming.

In a New York Times article published last April 19, 2018, scientists were alarmed by the spike in seawater temperature in 2016 resulting in extensive damage to the reef system. That damage continues to this day that an urgent call to reduce greenhouse gas emissions is much needed.

In the Australia Post article, Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, Director of the Global Change Institute and Professor of Marine Science at The University of Queensland called for urgent protection to save the Great Barrier Reef as he sees the rise in global climate by an average of just 1.5 degrees will lead to further damage to the reef system.

Time is of the essence as calls to protect the environment like the Great Barrier Reef becomes a priority - not just for Australians but for Everyone.  To learn about global warming and greenhouse gas emissions, check out this webpage from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Spread the word on the importance of protecting The Great Barrier Reef by collecting all five stamps. These stamps will soon be available beginning on August 1st.


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