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2019 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Stamp Collector

Posted by Andy L. on

2019 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Stamp Collector

If you're an avid stamp collector, there's no better gift that embraces your passion for stamp collecting like no other than stamps! That might sound unthinkable and conspicuous to some, but wouldn't you want that one rare stamp to fill that empty space in your album? Of course! The challenge comes when the person that's shopping for you doesn't really know what stamps to get you. After all, there are hundreds perhaps thousands of stamps that you would want to get a hold of this Christmas.

Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus!

If you're a collector of USA stamps, you're in luck! The United States Postal Service have a number of gift ideas for the USA stamp collector in mind. Without further ado, here's the list.

1. Yearbooks. The USPS published yearbooks that describe the stamps which celebrate the faces of people, names of places and special moments that have captured our attention and imagination.  For a stamp collector, the stories behind these stamps are priceless - sometimes worth far more than the stamps themselves!

2. Ceremony Programs. We especially like the USS "Missouri" Stamp Ceremony Program as it describes the commemoration of this famous US Navy battleship as shown in stamp, the agenda and participants involved in the ceremony. Relive the moment when the battleship was once the most powerful type of warship.

3. Commemorative Panels. How about a Commemorative Panel for a more picture perfect gift that you can put in a nice frame and hang onto a wall? Check out this John Lennon Commemorative Panel that celebrates the life and story of the famous rock and roll legend, John Lennon. Its the perfect gift idea for someone that loves music.

4. First Day Covers. Ah yes, those First Day Covers...remember those? The USPS have an amazing collection of First Day Covers from animals, people, landscapes and holiday themed covers.

For a few dollars, there's plenty of gift choices for stamp collectors this Christmas!

Then again, we also know that some of you are short in cash this holiday. After all, the monies that were spent on this year's holiday gift giving went to purchasing sleek smartphones and watches, 4K TVs, and noise-cancelling headphones. Or perhaps, you don't want to spend too much money on a single stamp?

How about this freebie from the USPS? The USPS has released the 2019 USA Philatelic catalog, "USA Philatelic". For $0, just drop us an email and I'll be happy to send you a PDF catalog for FREE! 

Have a wonderful and happy holidays, everyone!


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