Tamiya - German Kuberwagen Type 82 Africa Corps 1:16

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This is a highly-detailed model in a large 1/16 scale of the highly used and reliable Kubelwagen Type 82. It was the vehicle that earned General Rommel’s trust in the searing African desert! Because of its reliability and ease of repair, and since its engine did not require a coolant, the Kubelwagen proved particularly effective in North Africa. At the request of various divisions in North Africa for a vehicle suitable for the desert, a Continental balloon tire equipped version went into production from 1942. Two types of balloon tires, a grooved and an un-grooved version were used. Because the tires were wider than normal tires, a spacer to raise the height of a spare tire attachment was added to the hood of the car. Some of the balloon tire equipped Type 82’s were even used in Italy after the fighting in North Africa stopped in May of 1943.

The Tamiya model depicts all the fine details of the Kubelwagen, including the infamous General Rommel.
  • 1/16 scale plastic model assembly kit. Length: 238mm, width: 103mm, height: 93mm.
  • The model depicts with precision an Africa Corps Kübelwagen Type 82 complete with balloon tires.
  • Doors and engine room cover can be assembled in open or closed position. The engine room features recreations of air cleaner, 4-cylinder horizontally opposed air-cooled engine and repair tools.
  • Balloon tires are rendered by semi-pneumatic rubber parts. Front wheels are steerable.
  • Numerous accessories are included, such as jerry cans and water canteen.
  • It comes with 1 driver figure, and 1 Rommel figure depicting the Desert Fox in tropical uniform.
  • No less than 5 marking options are boxed together with the kit, for a wealth of choices!

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